Tpc Advance Led 55Bn Built-In Type Curing Light System Aled55Bn Curing Light Tpc-Advance-Led-55Bn-Built-In-Type-Curing-Light-System-Aled55Bn

Tpc Advance Led 55bn Built-In Type Curing Light System ALED55BN

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  • $295.00

TPC Advance LED 55BN Built-in Curing Light System (LED 5W installed in Dental Unit), Model ALED55BN (110V, 24V)

ALED55BN-A (110V - 240V)

ALED55BN-E (24V)

Package Includes: Turbo Light Guide, Protective Eye-Shield, Built-in Power Transformer, User's Manual
TPC 2 Year Warranty

Curing Mode Light Indicators:
Fast curing (green LED color): Time setting 20 seconds (every 10 seconds, it sounds once)
Pulse curing (red LED color): Interrupt radiating (every 10 seconds, it sounds once)
Step curing (orange LED color): Soft start for 10 seconds from 0 to full power, then full power during the later 10 seconds
Curing Status Light Indicators:
Green LED color – Normal
Red Flashing LED color – LED curing light handpiece is over temperature

Wavelength Range: 430-490 nm

Light Intensity: 1,250 mW / cm²

Power Consumption: 5 W LED

Shipping Dimensions: 10”L x 9”W x 5”H

Weight: 3 lb


P109-LG - Replacement Light Guide for LED 55B
P219 - Replacement Protective Eye-Shield
LED 55BN-PS110 - Replacement Power Supply 110 -240 V
LED55BN-PS24 - Replacement Power Supply 24V
P117 - 11mm Light Guide
LM300 Curing Light Meter





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