Tpc Advance Air Polishing System P555-4H / P555-2H Air Polishing System Tpc-Advance-Air-Polishing-System-P555-4H Your Medical Dental

TPC Advance Air Polishing System P555-4H / P555-2H


  • $260.00

TPC Advance Air Polishing System  P555-4H / P555-2H

1 – 130g of Prophy Powder
3 – Color coded (red, blue, green) Powder Holder Covers
2 – Nozzles (360 degree swivel)
1 – Cleaning Tool
1 – O-Ring Set
1 Year Warranty

EZ Nozzle - allows for accurate direction of power jet, handpiece nozzle is fully autoclavable up to 134°C / 273°F
Ergo Comfort Design - notched grip allows firm and accurate tip control
Lightweight & Flexible
No Installation Cost - simply connects to handpiece tubing, no extra foot control needed or external air or water connections
Cleaning Power - jet polishing powder (130g) has a refreshing lemon scent
Powder Holder Covers - three translucent color coded holder covers
Quick Connection - simply pull back the quick release ring to release the nozzle from the handpiece

P560 – 130g of Prophy Powder
P660 – Nozzle for P555

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