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Tech West Rocky Series Oil-Less Compressor ACOR2D2


  • $5,000.00

Tech West Rocky Series Oil-Less Compressor ACOR2D2

Model: ACOR2D2
Max Users: 2-3
Air Dryer: Yes
Quiet Cover: Option Available
Number of Heads: 2
Total Horsepower: 1.5
CFM: 5.2
Tank Gallons: 10
Voltage: 230
Amps: 8
Breaker Size: 20
Dimensions without Cover: 26”H x 26”W x 18”D (Weight: 170 lbs)
Dimensions with Cover: 31”H x 26”W x 23”D (Weight: 210 lbs)


Very quiet motor design only 66 DB-A
All air receiver tanks have internal epoxy coating applied
The air is dried before the tank to prevent bacteria build up in the tank
All models have desiccant air drying systems
Rocking piston technology decreases noise and increases motor life
Compressors are available in dual, triple or quad head configurations
Teflon coated pistons and sleeves insure long life of the compressor heads
Remote air intake filters trap dirt, dust and air born pollutants
Energy efficient thermally protected split phase motors
Moisture indicators standard on all models
3 year warranty on oilless heads, 2 year on all other components..

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