Beaverstate Dental Cabinet Mount System Sd-3302 Dental Cabinet Beaverstate-Dental-Cabinet-Mount-System-Sd-3302

Beaverstate Dental Cabinet Mount System Sd-3302

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Beaverstate Dental Cabinet Mount System Sd-3302

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Beaverstate Dental 3 HP Automatic Doctor's Side Delivery with Pneumatic Brake Flex Arm, SD-3302

Asepsis designed automatic selection for 3 handpiecesSide-mounted recessed control adjustments
3-way syringe with quick change autoclavable tip
Master ON/OFF toggle with indicator
Pressure adjustment for each handpiece
Easy to read pressure gauge (protected under cover)
Air coolant flow adjustment
Non-retracting water coolant adjustment and purge
Brass plated valves for long life
Asepsis handpiece tubing, sterling (Specify Straight or Coiled/2 Wk LT)
Asepsis flex arm system with pneumatic brake, 9" rigid arm, 39" reach, 19" vertical travel
2" dia. wall mount bracket
Soft-touch variable speed foot control
Utility center assembly (less housing and cover)
7' umbilical tubing.

Delete utility center (144-027)
Delete handpiece station with tubing
Additional handpiece station with tubing (dry only)
2" dia. post mount rigid arm, 24" (in lieu of 9" arm)
Additional umbilical tubing (per foot)
Silcryn tubing
Hepa Filter (119-027)
Foot Control with Chip Blower (126-133)
Foot Control with Wet/Dry Chip Blower (126-203)
Dual Water Bottle Kit (110-052)
Water Bottle Kit (110-032)
Handpiece Illumination System with Delay, 5 & 6 pin
Wall Mounting Plate (105-316)
Wall Mount Board (106-209)
Utility Center Housing (144-015)






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