Beaverstate Cabinet Mount System Unit S0-3304 Cabinet Mounted Systems Unit Beaverstate-Cabinet-Mount-System-So-3304

Beaverstate Cabinet Mount System Unit S0-3304

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Beaverstate Cabinet Mount System Unit SO-3304

Unit Only

Side-mounted recessed control adjustments
3-way syringe with quick change autoclavable tip
Master ON/OFF toggle with indicator
Pressure adjustment for each handpiece
Easy to read pressure gauge (protected under cover)
Air coolant flow adjustment
Non-retracting water coolant adjustment and purge
Plated brass valving for long life
Asepsis handpiece tubing, sterling (Specify Straight or Coiled/2 Wk LT)
Slide-out mount with 150 pivot left and right
Soft-touch variable speed foot control
Utility center assembly (less housing)
7" Umbilical Tubing

Delete utility center (144-027)
Delete handpiece station with tubing
Additional handpiece station with tubing (dry only)
Additional syringe on doctor or assistant's side
Additional umbilical tubing (per foot)
Silcryn tubing
Hepa Filter (119-027)
Foot Control with Chip Blower (126-133)
Foot Control with Wet/Dry Chip Blower (126-203)
Dual Water Bottle Kit (110-052)
Water Bottle Kit (110-032)
Handpiece Illumination System with Delay, 5 & 6 pin
Additional HVE Valve with tubing and holder (030-014)