Basevac X-Series 12-25+ Users - Dx5.5 Air Compressor Basevac-X-Series-12-25-Users-Dx5-5

Basevac X-Series 12-25+ Users - DX5.5

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  • $17,000.00

Basevac X-Series  12-25+ Users - DX5.5

Our engineers have designed our compressors for years of reliable service with performance you can trust. A heavy duty block, durable cast cylinders, forged steel connecting rods, and precision machined aluminum pistons means you'll get the longevity you deserve from a compressor. And with a 100% oil free design and our patented Perma Dry self purging desiccant dryer you'll get the high-quality air you need.



BaseVac brand compressors are not for sale in Canada subject to Health Canada classification. BaseVac brand compressors are available in the USA for immediate delivery.

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